Do you have a parking ticket from Parking Eye?

We can help you.

Do you have a parking ticket from Parking Eye?

We can help you.

Have you recently had a Parking Eye Ticket? Do you need a winning Parking Eye Appeal?

Our Service is 100% guaranteed.  Please see our FAQ of more info.

If you engage our services you will never have to pay the Parking firm or Debt Collection Agency a penny!

Send a Photo of your Ticket via our Whats App service to 0203 411 3340 for immediate help

These are called Parking Eye Tickets or Parkin Charge notices.  99% of Parking Eye Tickets are issued through the post. You are not forced to pay these tickets however Parking Eye Issue Thousands of Parking Tickets each year.

This means Parking Eye Tickets can not be ignored and you must act due to the number of claims now being issued by Parking Eye Ltd

In 2012 the Protection of Freedoms Act (Schedule 4) outlawed clamping but brought about legislation which means  the registered keeper can be held to account for the PCN. Parking Companies in England & Wales have 6 years (5 in Scotland) to chase for unpaid parking charges. If you lose a court claim and don’t pay within 30 days of losing these will stay on your credit file for six years.

Parking Eye issue the most claims in the UK So a Ticket could turn out to cost you well over £200! Our Dedicated Appeals Team for a small fee of £18 can ensure this does not happen. We will construct a professional appeal and our guarantee means your in safe hands.

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Parking Eye Ticket Appeal Service

If you have had a ticket from Parking Eye then we can help!

Why should I use Parking Eye Appeals

  • Qualified and helpful staff
  • Guaranteed and prompt service
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • We deal with all the paper work.
  • We don’t use mitigating circumstances, we use legal arguments in our appeals
  • Our team can construct appeals for all stages
  • Parking Eye Appeal Specialist

How does the appeal service work?

  • You log your appeal on our appeal page & make the payment.
  • Our team assess all the information
  • We contact Parking Eye with a professional appeal
  • We conduct a second appeal to POPLA or the IAS if needed

And it only costs £18

Head over to our Appeal page and start the process now!

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Debt Collector Problem? 

Had a Letter from DRP, Zenith, or Equita? we can help!

Do you want debt collectors to stop contacting you? Would you like the worry to stop?

We can deal with

  • Debt Recovery Plus
  • DCBL
  • Equita
  • Trace Recovery
  • Zenith Collections

For a fee of only 18 Parking Eye Appeals can stop all contact from debt collectors

Once we have taken a case on that has gone to a debt collection firm, we guarantee that the debt collection firm won’t take your case to court or your money back!

You might be wondering if we can help you.  No matter how you got your Parking Eye Ticket we can help. It also does not matter what stage the ticket is at we can and we can tell you straight away if we can help. Most times we will be able

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POPLA Appeals

If Parking Eye have turned down your initial Appeal then we can win your POPLA appeal for you!  Our staff are experts at constructing winning appeals and often Parking Eye see these and just withdraw.

Parking Eye Appeals are the No 1 company in relation to creating winning POPLA appeals against Parking Eye Ltd

Our POPLA Appeals are:

  • Legally sound
  • Constructed on legal points
  • Don’t use mitigation
  • Convince Parking Eye to cancel on sight
  • Value for money at only £18!
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Court Claims

We can deal with a Court action from Parking Eye for you!
If you have received a letter before claim OR a claim from Northampton County Court in the post contact our expert team.

We can help with your Parking Eye Ticket if it has progressed to legal action.

In Essence we can:

  • Deal with Letters before County Court Claim
  • Northampton Bulk Centre Court Claims
  • Default Judgements
  • Witness Statements
  • Defence Statements
  • Skeleton Fees
  • Get landowners to force Parking Eye to Withdraw
  • Assist you at the actual court hearing

Do you want a free assessment? Call us on 0203 4113340 and we can go through your options with you – No Obligation! For example we can deal with the following (and more!)

Has your ticket progressed beyond a normal Appeal?.  Parking Eye don’t issue empty threats and unless responded they wont hesitate to issue a court claim. You may have had a court claim, or they be threatening to take you to court.  We can help you in all aspects: