Parking Eye Court Claim Services

Can You Help me?

If you have had a court claim from Parking Eye or another Parking Company we can defend this for you!

The Small Claims Court is designed for claims up to £10,000.  They are designed as simple and effective way for straightforward disputes to be settled.

Due to this , solicitors and barristers fees are not recoverable which is why the service offered by Parking Eye Appeals is second to none.

We can deal with all the paper work for you, help you with the legal jargon and guide you through the entire process

We will look at your case and assess your initial chances, there is no fee for this service.  We will give you an honest answer!

To get started scan a copy of your documents over to Feel free to call our Parking Eye Appeals team on 0121 3926945  we can give you a quick run down of your realistic options.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We understand the need to listen to someone who has received a court claim.
  • We dont use template defences,each defence is based on each individual customers circumstances so to give you the best chance of winning your case.
  • Our team is experienced in dealing with court claims.  We have a lot of experiance with in dealing with Parking Eye Court claims.  These are our bread and butter .  
  • We can not guarantee you will win but we will put you in the best possible position to do so

What about a Barrister or Solicitors

They are  expensive! In the smalls claims court as opposed to other “tracks” in the County Court you can not get your legal fees back.  Fees for Barristers and Solicitors can range from £150 per hour up to 600 per hour

How do you manage those prices?

  • We hont have a high street office so this keeps our costs down
  • All documents are dealt with electronically and can in most circumstances be served on the court electronically.

What if it goes to hearing at my local court?

If the case goes to a court hearing  We can attend court as your Lay Representative, which is allowed under the Lay Representatives (Rights of Audience) Order 1999. This does mean that you as the client have to be present.

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Our Fees

  • Dealing with the defence of a Parking Eye Ticket Court claim   
  • This includes the initial defence statement, helping to draft a witness  statement and a skeleton argument.  This applies to any parking court claim
  • Responding To a Letter Before Claim or producing one £18
  • This is sent by Parking Eye , or a firm of solicitors themselves if they intend to take legal action.  We can react to one in the strongest possible terms or we can use it to start a claim for you.
  • The Fees Below are for dealing with non parking ticket claims
  • Particulars of Claim £20
  • This used to be known as a statement of claim.   It contains the outline of the claimants case. Many claims are struck without a proper set out Particulars of Claim.
  • Defence Statement £20
  • This Document sets outs the defendants case and is not a recount of  the events that led to the claim.  It should set out the legal basis for rejecting the claimants case.
  • Witness Statement £25
  • The Witness statement sets out to the court the events around the events at the time of the claim.  A witness statement is also needed for any witnesses that either party decides to call.  Without a witness statement a witness can not give evidence.
  • Skeleton Argument £25
  • The Skeleton Argument sets out the argument (and legal basis) either party will use when they present their case at the hearing. 
  • Representation at the hearing £60*
  • We can present your case for you, however you must be present.  The fee excludes our associates travel costs.