POPLA Appeal Service


Independent Appeals Services

The Parking on Private Land Appeals Service started in Oct 2012 when the Protection of Freedoms Act (Schedule 4) which made the Keeper liable.

The Government insisted the British Parking Association (BPA) develop and create an independent appeal service.  This was called POPLA (Parking On Private Land Appeals) which was initially set up by London Councils .  However in October 2015 this was changed over to Ombudsman Services Ltd, when they won the contract as this was put out to tender by BPA they are a specialist dispute resolution firm who deal with many different types of disputes.  These include Water, Gas. Telecoms and Phone service disputes.   They are respected in this field.

Parking Eye must deal with the first appeal from the motorist  If Parking Eye rejects the appeal, they will then give the a motorist a POPLA code which enables the motorist to then do an appeal to POPLA.

A POPLA code is required before a motorist can make of this service.  A motorist can not go to POPLA without appealing to a BPA registered operator first

  • The first three digits identify the Parking Company (606 is Parking Eye)
  • Three digits identify the date and one shows the year
  • Three digits identify the code for that day (for the parking company)

Appeals made to Parking on Private Land Appeals can be done either on a form or through their online portal.  It normally takes a minimum of 2 months before a case is heard by a POPLA assessor.  Both sides have the chance to submit evidence.  Once the Parking Company has logged their evidence, an opportunity is given to the motorist to reply and repudiate this evidence.

Appealing to POPLA costs Parking Eye £27 + however the real cost to the park coming it is estimated to be at least 3 times this price.

Parking Eye issue hundreds of POPLA codes each month.  In 2018 Parking Eye logged nearly 3000 appeals with POPLA!

If the appeal is successful the parking company cancel ticket and no further action can be taken

If the motorist looses the appeal they are advised by POPLA to pay within £14 days however this is in no way binding , only a court can order this.

Parking Eye Appeals are experts at winning POPLA  appeals.  Our team are well versed in beating Parking Eye at these appeals